Position and Title in Current Job: 

Professor Emerita/Director of Specialty Nursing Informatics MSN Program, (Ret.) Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey  



Coordinating a medical-surgical mission in my hometown of Bolinao and Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines on January 24-29, 2023 with Ernesto L. Rosas as PMSGKC/PNAGKC Medical Mission Coordinator. As a Faculty 

Counselor of Alpha Tau, donated and delivered diapers, wipes, winter hats, gloves, scarves, gently used clothing and shoes, and crayons United Way Church Day Care, Brunswick, NJ. Volunteered/participated in a grant received by the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation from the US-Philippine Humanitarian Coalition to implement a project aimed to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Haiyan typhoon- devastated municipalities of Samar, Philippines using a multisectoral collaboration for community capacity development. Results of the research grant presented /shared at the PNAAF 4th International Collaborative Conference and Alpha Tau International Honor Society. Administered/coordinated the publication the PNAA Haiyan Relief Fund online with a total donation of $74,631.58 


Professional Involvement 

PNAAF: Recording Secretary, Board of Director; Website Chair/Adviser; Research/Grant , 

Adviser;  Awards and Scholarship, Chair;  PNAA/PNAAF Legacy Building Committee and Search Taskforce 

PNAA:  Editor -on Line, Journal of Nursing Applications and Reviews of Research (JNPAAR); 

Pioneered Publication of PNAA Website, Chair/Adviser; Sig: Nursing Informatics, Adviser; 

Faculty Mentor, PNAA Master Series: Writing for Publication; Membership Co-Chair; Tapestry 

Book Publication, Co-Chair; Archive Committee- Member; Past National Secretary 

PNANJ: Past President; Current Executive Board and Advisory Council 

USTNAI: Eastern Region Vice -President/Board of Director; Website and Informatics, Chair Awards and Scholarship Committee, Co-Chair/member; Past Newsletter Editor


Other Professional Organization:  

American Nurses Association/New Jersey State Nurses Association, Member; Sigma Theta Tau 

International, Alpha Tau Chapter, Faculty Counselor;  

Sigma Theta Tau International, Omicron Pi Chapter, Vice-President/Secretary; New Jersey 

State Nurses Association Continuing Education Review Team;  New Jersey Healthcare Informatics Management System Society (HIMSS), Scholarship Committee and Clinical 

Informatics; American Nursing Informatics Association; Delaware Valley Nursing Computer Network (DVNCN); HealthCare Informatics of New Jersey, Vice-President and Secretary  


Current Projects 

Coordinated the application and approval of (2) Grants from the Middlesex Arts and History grant in NJ for the PNAA/PNAAF Art Gallery. Helped coordinate the Grand opening and implementation of the (2) PNAA/PNAAF grant projects/exhibits at the gallery: PNAA Frontliners: Facing the COVID- 19 Pandemic and PNAA Frontliners Facing COVID 19 at Home. Involved in the development and implementation of the Administrative Assistant Policy and Procedure for the gallery. Instrumental for the application and renewal of the PNAAF Charity registration. Participated in the PNAA History Preservation/ Oral History project. Assisted in the coordination of the PNAA Archive Educational Webinar Programs. Helped in the revision of the 2023 PNAAF 

Bylaws. Updated the Policy and Procedure for the Scholarship and Fellowship Awards with the Committee. Continuously assists in the operation and maintenance of PNAA/PNAAF headquarters, and monitoring of its alarm/security systems. Facilitates the update and publication of the PNAAF website. 


Personal Statement Regarding Possible Contributions to PNAAF 

As a foundation, achieving the mission driven by passion and purpose is paramount. If elected President of the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation, I will be a philanthropic leader, I am committed to serve and uphold the mission and vision of our organization efficiently 

and productively. I will help to promote the visibility of PNAAF, to facilitate communication/collaboration nationally and internationally, and to shape/advance the professional nursing practice through leadership, research/grants, scholarship, education, and the use of technological innovation. 


I have learned that the role of a leader is not about the “job title.”  It is about the impact you make and what you inspire in others towards “building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive culture all working together toward one common goal.” These creative strategies would include 

“building trusting relationship, promoting effective collaboration with professional organizations/schools, cultivating community partnership and support, peer networking / volunteerism and improving societal outcomes.” 




Position Title in Current Job 

Independent consultant, Graboso Healthcare Services, LLC and retired 

Vice President of Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer, Hackensack 

Meridian Health, Redbank, New Jersey 


Professional Involvement:  

Founding President of PNA-New Jersey Foundation 

Adviser, Executive Board of the PNA New Jersey Foundation 

Adviser, PNA New Jersey 


Current Projects 

Created and funded the Pay It Forward Nursing Scholarship Awards that is given annually to a 

PNA New Jersey member pursuing a doctorate degree in nursing. Currently raising funds for a PNA New Jersey sponsored medical mission in Davao City, Philippines on January 29 and 30. Just concluded a big fundraising event to fund medical missions in the Philippines. Currently working with the PNA-NJ foundation in raising money for an endowment fund with great success in the past 18 months. 


Personal Statement regarding possible contributions to PNAA Foundation 

My goal for running for the office of President-elect with the PNAA Foundation is to enhance and compliment what our great foundation leaders has put in place before us. With the resources that we have time, talent, and commitment- PNAAF have a great opportunity to create a culture of philanthropy starting with our PNAA and PNAAF leaders including our members in all of our PNAA chapters across the country. As we develop that philanthropy culture for our non-profit organization, let’s aim to have every member an ambassador to for the organization’s service, and for philanthropy and fund development. This means doing one’s own job well, understanding how all the various committees within the foundation create one integrated system enhancing its effectiveness. Philanthropy is not just about raising money, it’s not just another management function, it is a part of our mission. Each one of us must embrace member-centered or donor-centered and for everyone to understand that philanthropy and fund development are critical to our organization’s health and that everyone has a role in the process. An attitude. An understanding. A behavior. If this culture of philanthropy is established Fund development is effective. If elected, I will work with PNAA, PNAAF and all chapters to build a culture of philanthropy with a focus on inclusion, transparency, empowerment, collaboration, and celebration.



Position title in current job:  

Adjunct Professor – Charles R. Drew University, College of Nursing   

Community/ Civic:  

Filipinx/a/o Community Health Association (Fil-CHA)  


Professional Involvement:  

PNAA Legislative Committee Chair – 2016 to current  

PNAAF Corresponding Secretary 2022 – 2023  

PNA Southern California – Advisory Council Member  

UST Nurses Association International (USTNAI) Founding 

President and current Executive Director since 2021 

Society of Internationally Educated Nurses of North America – Member – 2023  


Current Projects:  

All of Us Research Program – Program Champion  

USTNAI – Convention Chair  

Personal Statement regarding possible contributions to PNAA Foundation  

As a President-Elect candidate for this foundation, I am honored to contribute my leadership skills and experience to advance the organization’s mission. I am the organization’s mission. I am interested in philanthropy and a commitment to making a difference, and I am confident in leading the foundation to greater success and impact.  

My strengths include building strong relationships and believing collaboration is essential for achieving meaningful change. Moreover, I am committed to the values and principles that underpin this foundation’s work. I believe that everyone deserves access to education, healthcare and basic human rights. I am committed to ensuring that the foundation ‘s work is aligned with these values and that we are making a real difference in PNAA’s members’ and peoples’ lives. 

In summary, my skills, experience, values, and commitment to doing everything in realizing our shared goals. Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation, Inc. 



Position title in current job:  



Community/ Civic:  

Chair, House Committee, Mid-Pacific Country Club 

Board of Directors, Golden Retriever Club of Hawaii Member, Filipino Chamber of Commerce Hawaii 

Instructor, Hawaii Nursing Advocates and Mentors, Inc.


Professional Involvement: Vice-President, PNAA Western Region 

Board of Directors, PNAA Foundation 

Board of Directors, Hawaii-American Nurses Association 

Treasurer, American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) – Hawaii Chapter 

Member, American Nurses Association (ANA) 

Member, American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) 

Member, American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) 

Member, U.S. Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) 


Current Projects: 

Editor-in-Chief, inside PNAA Newsletter 

Chair, PNAAF Public Relations Committee 

Chair, HI-ANA Membership Committee 

Co-Chair/Co-Founder, Mga Bayani ng Mundo, Healthcare Heroes Recognition Program 

Faculty, PNAA Leadership Development Program (iLDP) 

Member, PNAA Business Development Office 

Member, PNAA Mentorship Program (Patnubay sa Pagtatagumpay Program (P3)) 


Personal Statement regarding possible contributions to PNAA Foundation  

As a PNAAF Board of Directors from 2021-2023, I have proven myself to the organization as a dedicated, committed, and hard-working member. I have served as the chair of the Public Relations Committee and heavily promoted PNAAF to PNAA locally, nationally, and globally. In the Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation, inc. have chaired-co-chaired several successful events in collaboration with PNAA, such as the Christmas holiday celebrations, Nurses Week activities, the PNAAF 5K Run/Walk, and the Bayani ng Mundo. I also chaired the Logistics Committee for the PNAAF International Collaborative Conference in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Furthermore, I have exceeded my fiduciary responsibilities as part of the Board of Directors and continue to help raise funds for our organization. If elected as PNAAF Vice-President, I will continue to serve with distinction and promote the mission and vision of our organization. 



Position title in current job:

RWJ Perinatal Services Staff


Lead Coordinator of multiple fundraising events- Food Drive for the homeless, Mission Dance for a Cause, Health and Fitness, Health Fair, Vaccination, Community Health Education-etc.
PNAA Foundation- Board of Director

2019-2023 Multiple educational and fundraising March of Dimes

Professional Involvement:

PNAA- National Secretary 2022-2024 PNAA- Assistant Secretary 2020-2024 PNAA- National Secretary- 2018-2020 RWJ Magnet Ambassador
RWJ Professional Advancement System - Co-Chair

Current Projects:

Mga Bayani ng Mundo- Honoring Nurse Heroes Special Campaign Project

Personal Statement regarding possible contributions to PNAA I will continue to support the mission and goals of the organization.

I am creative and have a proactive attitude towards helping others within local and wider group. I hope to contribute to this program by bringing many ideas regarding fundraising initiatives. I could work under pressure, meet deadlines, and build resilience when faced with setbacks.

If given another chance, I would like to continue the projects that I initiated in PNAAF Mga Bayani ng Mundo - Honoring Nurse Heroes Special Campaign Project, Event Coordinator of virtual presentation-Christmas and Nurses Week celebration



Position title in current job:

Nurse Informaticist, Retired

Community/ Civic

PNANE Community Outreach FCNNEF Community Outreach

Professional Involvement:

PNAA Board Member 2022-2024
PNAA Website Committee, Chair
PNANE Advisory Council
PNAA Foundation – International Collaborative Conference – Education Committee Member NCEMNA Annual Summit 2023 – _provided Tech Support

Current Projects:
PNAA Website improvements
PNAA Patnubay sa Pagtatagumpay Program Steering Committee Member

PNAA Regional Conferences/44th. National Convention/14th INC & GS 2024

Personal Statement regarding possible contributions to PNAA Foundation

I would like to support all projects of PNAAF in any capacity that my expertise as a Nurse Informaticist is needed. Future Goal – _Nominations and Elections be all electronic; Improvement of PNAAF Website; and Fundraise for PNAAF. Philippine Nurses Association of America Foundation, inc.

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